Manufacturing companies are required to transform in order to keep up with market trends. They are speeding up their processes, increasing their quality levels and improving their time-to-market. Innovation in communications increases opportunities for supply chain partnerships. It makes it possible to monitor the quality of suppliers and facilitates sequenced delivery. Within the manufacturer’s organisation, or with regular partners, the workload can be distributed based on efficiency.

This creates the need for insight in performance:

  • What are the production quantities?
  • How much time does this take?
  • How can this load be distributed in a smart manner?
  • How efficiently is this process managed?

Integrating automation and IT

The process of recording data in real-time requires an automated production line. The affiliative relationships between business processes have been identified using IT resources. But what if the automated production lines already form part of the overall IT infrastructure? Process optimisation can be improved by integrating process data in the management of business processes, while product quality can be improved and logistics processes can be coordinated more efficiently.

Qualitative and quantitative improvements

The conversion from raw material to end product requires monitoring – this enables qualitative and quantitative improvements. This data can be shared within the supply chain in order to improve the partnership. Integrated cooperation with suppliers makes it easier to manage material quality. Broad partnerships provide the option to fulfil orders based on specialisation, which, in turn, enables more efficient processes and procedures.

Reducing time-to-market

Manufacturing companies optimise all processes. New R&D concepts are being implemented at high speed from engineering through to the production lines. The use of IoT and Big Data requires an even more efficient approach. Based on analyses conducted in Amsterdam, production processes in Poland must be modifiable on the fly. These are the techniques used to reduce time-to-market, so as to allow organisations to quickly adapt to the market.

Customer references

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