The European manufacturing industry is currently facing economic times that are tougher than ever. Although once seen as a temporary decline, the current situation now has a more long lasting outlook.

Manufacturing companies across Europe are therefore doing what they can to keep costs down and fully optimize their processes. Optimization does not just involve production; integration of all the processes within their own operations and also within the value chain is the most effective way to achieve growth.

At Dimensys we offer the best of both worlds. As a valued partner of SAP ERP and SCM as well as MES (manufacturing execution systems) and MOMS (manufacturing operations management systems) we are uniquely able to bridge the gap between your ERP and production management. To ensure full insight into your production processes it is important that they are not just connected with each other but that all the processes are aligned with each other as well.


ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks uses GE Manufacturing Execution Systems 

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An efficient and effective integrated IT landscape leads to increased production volumes, increased optimization across a greater number of sites, reduced costs, shortened lead times, lower inventories and also greater quality. It ensures complete traceability; right from the raw material to the finished product.

In addition it makes sure that high quality product related data is produced and that the standard procedures are correctly carried out. Above all an integrated system means a better understanding and overview of all product related functions that are associated with production, quality, logistics and maintenance.

Dimensys has extensive experience using IT to support processes within the manufacturing industry. At Dimensys we have the expertise to work with you to carry out the transformation of a lone business strategy into an effective IT strategy.

In addition if you require assistance with managing your IT manufacturing solution you may make use of the 24/7 service desk. This is where the real added value is, not only in maximizing the up time of your IT landscape but also enable continuous support and improvement of your processes with our solution.


Our solutions and services include:

  • Strategic IT advice in which your business drivers act as the starting point
  • SAP ERP implementation specific for manufacturing businesses (MTO, MTS, ETO, ATO)
  • Understanding the value chain using SAPs supply chain management solution
  • Support throughout the entire product life cycle with PLM solution
  • Real time insight into your production and related processes using MES or MOMS
  • 24/7 support for your business critical systems


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