Project management and Portfolio Management – Bottom up versus Top down

The bottom up approach deals with the issue of sharing resources across different projects by the project demanding organization. In the top down approach objectives are established in programs and then divided in project portfolios to make the realization more measurable and controllable. The point at which these two approaches “meet” varies from company to company.


Project management

Dimensys implements project management solutions based on Primavera and MS projects as well as SAP. Whether it is a stand-alone solution or integrated solutions all data (logistics, financial, commercial, personal) is integrated to allow, when needed, a full overview of the current status of the project.

In addition to designing software solutions and system integration, at Dimensys we also give advice about process organization and structure to allow the project to maximize its results.

With solutions that involve the integration of SAP and Primavera you can rely on the expertise of the Primavera and SAP specialists from Dimensys and Primaned who work together in Synchwise.


Project and Asset Management

Increasingly it is the owner who is required to oversee and take care of the asset throughout its life cycle (design, realization and management). For example the Public Private projects in which the local authorities present tenders with DBFMO format (design, build, finance, maintain, operate). In the private world operational leases are being used more, as well as for valuable means of production.

The increasing demand for the complete and overall management of asset information is becoming greater and greater. Not only because an IT solution can achieve it, but because in the various life cycle stages, the information requirements change as well as different groups with their own information system input information about the asset.

Dimensys combines its expertise within EAM and PPM to provide a roadmap to maximize the efficiency of the asset in every stage of its life cycle. The PPM expertise group concentrates on solutions concerning the development of new business. Meanwhile the EAM expertise group are focused on management, be it project based or not.


Portfolio Management

Dimensys also has the expertise to provide services and solutions to organizations that run large numbers of projects simultaneously. For example, multi resource planning and scheduling solutions can be introduced to make sure all resources (people and assets) across projects are being used as effectively as possible. Another alternative is that the projects can be grouped together according to their project goals and they can be managed more efficiently as a portfolio or program.

The progress of the project's contribution to the shared goals can be easily monitored using the performance management solution, which can be found in enterprise portfolio management - solution software offered by Dimensys. These solutions are often also more broadly used specifically for one or more projects.