LMtec Digital Solutions Joins Forces with Emixa

Naarden - September 18, 2023 – Emixa, the leading SAP/Siemens/Mendix technology partner, is investing in LMtec Digital Solutions, ...

Meet Emixa, your partner for digital transformation

After a period of thorough preparation and refinement, the moment has arrived: our new consortium for digital transformation ...

OnePLM is joining the consortium of Dimensys, Appronto, cards PLM Solutions and Magnus Digital

September 1st, 2022 – The digital transformation consortium of Dimensys, Appronto, cards PLM Solutions and Magnus Digital, along ...

Clients' Experiences

Leading players operating in the manufacturing industry, managing assets and/or renting capital-extensive objects have one thing in common: they are looking for ways to make the primary process more transparent, predictable and replicable. This occurs at every level of the organisation, and Dimensys supports this process.


Project Management

Successful project leaders look beyond calculations, lead times, margins and cost of default. They see opportunities in indirect mechanisms.


Asset Management

The transition from a project contract to a performance contract results in technical, process-based and knowledge-related challenges. There is an interrelationship between these different aspects.


Rental Management

The role of the rental process in logistics should not be underestimated. By changing the rental strategy, businesses can improve their cost monitoring and increase capacity utilisation.