Rental Management


Equipment rental must take a backseat to other core processes such as finance, logistics and project management. It is because of this de-prioritisation that we tend to forget about the value we can create by optimising these business processes. This represents a missed opportunity. Optimising equipment rental improves cost monitoring, increases capacity utilisation and streamlines maintenance.

Planning and scheduling helps project managers to determine what equipment they will require in the future. Without an internal reservation system in place, businesses tend to rely largely on MS Excel, paper and phone. This can potentially result in duplicate bookings, delays, and in some cases it may even require businesses to rent equipment and other resources elsewhere. The expenses of materials and equipment used are not charged directly to the project. This reduces the reliability of budget monitoring.

Improving capacity utilisation

Rental costs are not in proportion to wages and equipment. But the role of this process in logistics should not be underestimated. Inefficient decisions regarding tools and machinery will inevitably cause delays. Good rental planning prevents this. It also shows you what is available – and this streamlining ensures that your utilization rate can increase.

Benefits of rental optimisation:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Optimal utilization rate of equipment
  • Improved budget monitoring
  • Reduced costs with optimized logistics 

Increased customer satisfaction with an user friendly webshop

A user-friendly webshop simplifies reserving equipment, materials, personnel and tools and prevents errors.

Optimal utilization rate of equipment

With the equipment and tools in the right place at the right time, the utilization rate increases. With a schedule board, individual, pool, and group resources are scheduled and managed. It offers the possibility to automatically schedule requests and record equipment down times for maintenance provided by, for example, SAP PM.

Appstore - ETM.next5 Planning_800

A schedule board for equipment

Reduced costs with optimized logistics on the yard

A more efficient logistics process at the yard offers possibilities to save costs, prevent delays and gain more insight. A central overview of order picking and transfers to customers is the basis for this. A mobile order picking app increases the service level and reports enable companies to further optimize these processes.

Track & trace assets using technologies such as barcode, NFC, RFID, BLE and GPS, ensures that you always know where your assets are.

Insight into the status of ordered equipment

A construction site overview provides project leaders and contractors insight into the status of ordered equipment. With an additional mobile app, they have insight at any time into received and returned resources on the site.

Appstore - ETM.next7 Mobiele app_750

A mobile app with insight into the status of ordered equipment


Wondering how you can optimize the rental in your organization? SAP offers a set of powerful tools. Our colleagues are happy to map out the added value of Equipment and Tools Management for your company. Please contact us for an introduction.

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