Construction industry


In the construction industry, the transition from project management to process ownership is crucial. Projects don’t end after delivery. Design, Build, Maintain and Operate: clients expect you to at least take responsibility for these processes. The shift towards comprehensive building management systems and smart cities calls for integrality. Customers outsource ownership or demand long-term operating control at a low cost. These fully integrated contracts call for a new approach.

The business will continue after completion of each project: the organisation’s interests simply extend beyond those of the project manager. Performance contracts require an understanding of management and maintenance expenses. In order to provide a competitive quote, fully accurate information on the cost of completed projects and the reuse of materials and resources is indispensable. The embedding of expertise requires attention. The departure of experts must not result in a disruption of business operations.

The following are required:

  • Improved predictability of results
  • Cost reduction through higher efficiency
  • Reuse of resources
  • Protection from the impact of high staff turnover

Partial solutions lack coherence

Project management currently tends to rely on partial solutions without any interrelationships, leading to ad-hoc information flows. Project managers can no longer keep track, and experiment with new methods to regain their control. This results in a proliferation of project-specific solutions – solutions which either are not reusable or require a lot of maintenance. Anyone who opts for overall coherence in digitalisation projects avoids these costly pitfalls.

Competing based on experience

Those who operate on a traditional basis approach each construction project as a new business to be established. This can be improved. A learning organisation is the best basis for competition. The reuse of resources and materials reduces costs. Past results provide support for the future. Estimates become more accurate and forecasts become more reliable. Those who embrace this trend will be able to improve their competitive position.

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