Maintenance is gradually having a more important role due to greater chain integration within capital management. The modern maintenance organization is seen increasingly as a “Maintenance integrator”, bringing technical disciplines together as well as bringing information flows together and orchestrates both management and maintenance. Maintenance organizations are required to offer maintenance at reasonable costs, carry out performance and risk analysis and optimize processes. Nowadays digital control systems are at modern installation’s disposal. These systems contain valuable information about the technical condition of assets and whether any alterations to its maintenance strategy need to take place. The information process and enterprise asset management system form the core foundations for professional asset management.

As a valued partner of both SAP ERP and MES solutions we are able to bridge the gap between your maintenance organization and production environment. Through this integrated approach processes are efficiently aligned and insight into your maintenance processes is subsequently gained. Maintenance shifts from reactive to proactive as well as being focused on value and the future. Real time monitoring is key, an integrated asset management system provides structured information processing as well as giving insight into asset operations and behaviors in regards to the necessary balance between cost, performance and risk.

Dimensys has vast experience in using integrated IT solutions to enhance the structural format of information processing and implement enterprise asset management systems. Our consultancy services are based on an integrated and holistic approach, an approach where by in depth process analysis precedes the translation and creation of an effective IT solution.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Strategic IT advice where value is used as the starting point.
  • Improvements to your information processing concerning professional asset management.
  • Implementation of an enterprise asset management system using SAP ERP solutions.
  • Increase understanding of the value of assets and their performance throughout the life cycle by using SAP analytic solutions.
  • Help introduce the use of new technology such as mobility and cloud computing to help improve information accessibility.