Project & Portfolio Management

We help companies to know everything happening in projects. With practical experience, our experts ask the right questions and uncover the right information needs and necessary resources. Asked and unsolicited they will advise the customer. 

Our knowledge of Project Management and IT is used to build a transparent information provision to effectively manage all projects. We start by developing solutions, after which the full process will be automated. 

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Manufacturing Operations Management (MES)

We support companies at all levels to get relevant information in the process and ensure that the correct information comes from the process. We do this both with an approach from production (MES - GE) towards logistics (ERP - SAP) and vice versa.

The business goals are translated into a transparent system of efficient production and continuous improvement, supported by IT. This is a circular process of advising, implementing and managing this system during its operating life. 

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Asset Management

Asset Management includes a set of activities that will help you achieve the maximum return on assets to achieve your business goals.

Dimensys has an team of experienced asset management specialists to support customers with the professionalization of this knowledge area. By focusing on an integral approach to the Asset Lifecycle and by using best practices, succesful implementations of proven Enterprise Asset Management solutions are realized.

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