Suzanne van den Bergh

Suzanne van den Bergh is Marketing Manager bij Dimensys. Voel je vrij om contact op te nemen voor meer informatie over onze dienstverlening, ervaringen van onze klanten en geplande marketingactiviteiten.

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May 8, 2019 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

"ProRail and contractors used to talk about data conflicts; now we look for opportunities to collaborate"

The Synchronization Task Force improves existing data, provides immediate processing of data updates, and secures new data input. Railway manager ProRail wants to know exactly which materials are being used where on the railroad – right ...

June 26, 2018 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

Jan Snel lays the groundwork for international expansion with Prefab S/4HANA

Construction company implements Dimensys' Prefab SAP S/4HANA Den Bosch (NL); June 26, 2018 – Together with its partner Dimensys, the Jan Snel Group has laid the foundation for future growth. The two partners replaced an outdated ERP system ...

May 8, 2018 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

Hexagon PPM, Lloyd’s Register and Dimensys Join Forces to Extend Facility Life

Cooperation enables improved data integrity to support enhanced decision making and productivity May 8, 2018 - Hexagon PPM Benelux, together with Lloyd’s Register and Dimensys, have formed a collaboration initiative to support Industry 4.0 ...

January 16, 2018 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

Dimensys guides Latexfalt in the optimal implementation of quality management / ISO 9001

Latexfalt is a leading player in the production of road and floor finishing systems. The revision of the ISO 9001 standard is the reason for Latexfalt to raise its quality management system to a higher level. This means a renewed view of ...

November 23, 2017 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

The importance of data for producer ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks

In order to meet safety standards, car manufacturers have stringent demands for the availability of data. This data need to be kept by their suppliers, such as AMTB, for a term of at least 15 to 30 years. Yet this is not the main reason ...

October 3, 2017 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

LANXESS standardizes 6 maintenance approaches into 1 uniform process

In Antwerp (BE), the High Performance Materials (HPM) Department of specialty chemicals group LANXESS creates the ingredients polyamide and fiberglass. These are high-tech plastics used in a number of sectors such as the automobile and the ...

May 17, 2017 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

Insight for Service key to data-driven service optimization

Dimensys enables service companies to unlock the value of big data with process mining ’s-Hertogenbosch, May 17th 2017 – Dimensys, leading SAP service provider for construction, production, maintenance and service companies, makes process ...

April 6, 2017 | by Suzanne van den Bergh

Heijmans increases transparency for customers with digital service process

What do the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven, the Bronovo Hospital in The Hague and Schiphol Airport have in common? Each of these locations must be accessible and available for entrepreneurs, patients, travelers and customers. This means ...